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Best Aviation Jobs
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Best Aviation Jobs

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Aviation Trainings

Leadership Excellence Program

The Leadership Curriculum explores the key elements of leadership, showing how leadership is different from management and by comparing effective and ineffective leadership behaviors. During this interactive development program in two modules, the participants will develop the skills needed to build a successful team, to motivate, coach and assess people to get them on-board with their goals and strategies as well as to build some personal skills to cope with the day-to-day challenges in the business.

We use different training methods as simulation games, exercises, group work, case studies, etc. to practice behaviors of highly effective leaders. The program concludes with reflections on what the participants have learned and an action plan that will help them apply the insights they gained during the program.

The participants will receive a Leadership Certificate after successfully completing the program.

Module 1: The Road to Success

  • Effective communication – 2 days
  • Creating the best team – 2 days
  • Manager vs. Leader – 2 days 
  • Motivation workshop – 2 days

Project work for concluding Module 1 (to be discussed acc. to the customer’s needs)

 Module 2: Management excellence

  • Change management – 2 days
  • Project management – 2 days
  • Effective presentation – 2 days
  • Management creativity workshop – 2 days

   Project work for concluding Module 2 (to be discussed acc. to the customer’s needs)

At the end of the program, the participants will create their own Action plan for personal development as leaders.

Additional training and workshops (upon customer’s request)

  • HR skills for leaders (incl. Competency based HR management, TNA, performance appraisal, etc.) - 2 days
  • Management by goals - 1 day (workshop)
  • Leadership standards and commitments - 1 day (workshop)
  • Effective presentation for leaders - 2 days
  • Time & Stress management – 2 days
  • Conflict management workshop – 1 day
  • Decision making workshop – 1 day
  • Effective meetings workshop – 1 day
  • Project management workshop – 1 da

All the workshops provide additional possibility for practice of the theory.


Contact: Mariola Ziolkowski

[email protected]

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