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Press-release - The Skies Over London Will Fall Silent Today & Monday
The Skies Over London Will Fall Silent Today & Monday
14 September 2022

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II last week, the UK is gearing up for her funeral on Monday. With the coffin having been flown down from Edinburgh to London yesterday, this afternoon will see it undertake a ceremonial procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall, with air traffic being impacted as a result.
Silence over London
In order to reflect the procession's somber mood, the skies above London will fall silent as the Queen's coffin and its corresponding procession make their way through the streets of the British capital. Those who have visited the city will know that it lies directly under the approach path for Heathrow's westerly operations.
As such, an average day in London will see landing aircraft pass overhead at regular intervals, contributing to the city's bustling ambiance. However, with the capital expected to fall silent as the procession passes through, operational changes will have to be made in order for compliance on the aviation side of things. Addressing the matter, London Heathrow Airport (LHR) stated online that...See more
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