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Aviation Trainings

Airport Master Plan

Airport Master Plan is a critical planning tool for meeting the future requirements of an airport and provides a strategic vision for defining its potential. This training will support the experts in establishing and developing a strategic concept of how to guide the airport in the short, medium, and long-term and make informed decisions. In addition, we will help the participants to understand the comprehensive master planning process and fundamental principles and support them in creating flexibility and further opportunities for development. This course contains the full range of topics that should be included in an airport master plan.

Acquired knowledge, skills and competencies by the learner after completing the training course:

  • Knowledge of ways to identify an airport: code designation, geographic location, runway moisture, weather conditions, etc.
  • Knowledge of air traffic service activities and rules
  • Understanding the basic concepts of passenger terminal construction, types, capacity and traffic management, and terminal areas. Knowledge of the facility planning and sizing process, facility construction program and phased development.
  • Skills to handle statistical data regarding:
  • passengers
  • aircraft movements
  • seasonality
  • cargo
  • Reading skills:
  • short-term forecasts
  • long term forecasts
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements for green airport accreditation
  • Knowledge of the zones:
  • airspace
  • landing and take-off approach
  • Knowledge of basic navigation facilities and communications
  • Knowing the traffic area of an airport
  • runway (RUNWAY)
  • taxiways (TR)
  • platform
  • You are familiar with airport cargo facilities and the cargo handling process.
  • Knowledge of airport access system and its basic parameters and components
  • Knowledge of airport IT systems, data processing and storage centres, user hardware, local area networks and external connections, security systems, system and application software, and telecommunication systems.
  • Knowledge and apply basic airport safety and security rules
  • Knowledge of all airport administration, supervision and ground-handling activities
  • Knowledge of non-aviation activities at an airport
  • Knowledge of the basic technical installations of an airport
  • Knowledge of basic noise characteristics and legal regulations regarding aviation noise
  • Knowledge and application of tools to reduce the negative impact
  • Understanding of airport spatial plan scope and planning process
  • Knowledge and estimate of capital expenditure
  • Knowledge of the primary sources of airport financing, income and spending plan
  • Benchmark reading and analysis skills

The training is based on different training methods such as simulations, exercises, work with peers, individual work, case studies, etc., to develop a highly effective training procedure. Finally, the program concludes with reflections on what the participants have learned and an action plan to help them apply the insights they gained during the program.

Contact: [email protected]

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