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www.best-aviation-jobs.com is an online portal, bringing together aviation jobs and aviation people. Our goal is to support the aviation business, allowing employees, free-lancers and companies to easily and quickly exchange job opportunities and resumes.
Our knowledge is based on many years of active participation in aviation online services. We follow and adapt to the rapid changes in aviation recruitment and provide our customers with the right people in the right places at the right time.

Comprehensive Review of  Survey - April 2012

Aviation HR – Best Practice

 The aviation industry is a constantly growing business and will play an important role in the world-wide economies during the 21st century.

"Aviation supports 32 million jobs and facilitates the global village by providing $3.5 trillion of economic activity. Giovanni Bisignani, IATA’s Director General and CEO believes that aviation will serve 16 billion passengers and carry 400 million tonnes of cargo in 2050,"

However the aviation industry is steadily changing and continuously facing new challenges. One of the biggest challenges in the future will be finding of skilled manpower.

So, while 41% of the companies have HR strategies until 2030, 41% do not have and 18% are planning to prepare one.

All of the aviation companies that took part in the survey answered that they have difficulties finding skilled manpower already now and believe it will become even more difficult in the future. On the question "What is your HR policy in order to ensure continual availability of people" the summarization of the answers is:


       Continuous recruitment of talent from the market;

       Upskilling, training and development of key staff ;

       Train young people inside the company directly after school or university;

       Developing work team and individual employee skills and capabilities;

       Connect to educational institutes for development of resources to ensure innovation;

       Working with recruiting agencies and job boards;

       Promoting our career portal through search engines.


The biggest problem in the future will be to find pilots, technical staff/engineers as well as managers with good leadership and intercultural skills.

The study shows that in Europe and USA almost 80% of employees that start working in the aviation industry will stay all their life in this sector. In Asia and Middle East only 30-40 % would stay in the aviation industry.

Some of the aviation companies (46%) are organising marketing and PR campaigns in order to improve the perception of the industry as a "Career destination of choice". Another 9% would organise in the future. However, 45% still do not take any action in this direction.

Below are some of the opinions of the participants on what makes the aviation industry attractive:


       New technologies, exciting new products,  a personal passion for aviation

       The flair of aviation, definitively not the salary

       The benefits of the tickets that are offered and stability of huge airlines


       Possibilities for individual development in a variety of tasks

       Cross border recognition, training and world-wide opportunities

Even in recent years the decision makers hardly made efforts towards implementing aviation standards; 69% of the companies still believe that there is a lack of industry standards for a wide range of positions and coordination between industry, education and governments.

In order to make the recruiting process faster and easier 50% of the companies have their own online recruiting portal and 25% are planning to develop one in the near future. The remaining 25% that do not have any online recruiting portal are smaller companies that do not have big recruiting needs.  One third of the companies claimed to have competence based oriented application forms and each candidate is supposed to go through it. The second third of the companies are going to develop competence oriented application forms in the future.

Regarding an online psychometric test which is obligatory to each and every candidate 39% of the companies answered with "Yes", 46% - No and 15% will have one in the future.

In 65% of the companies the standards are provided by the Headquarters and the requiting will be done locally. Mainly in the big companies (33%) the recruiting will be done only through the Headquarters.

All companies agreed that new technologies will play a significant role in our industry and will save a lot of HR costs. However due to the nature of the aviation business there are still not so many online test and courses available on the market. Only 39% of the companies have developed aviation relevant recruiting online tests and only 22% provide their training online. Only 47% have their own aviation schools and half of them provide training not only for their employees, but also for external participants.


Below are the main fields where aviation companies are investing in IT projects and will invest in the next 20 years:


Online recruitment portal                     10%                                    20%

Online psychometric test                      5%                                    10%

General  HR IT infrastructure                30%                                    40%  

Online Performance evaluating systems 10%                                      10%

Online Training                                    5%                                       5%

Online Reporting systems                      5%                                      5%

Other specific aviation software            10%                                      10%


Improvement of the employee skills and performance is seen as a big need in the future by 74% of the companies. However in only 33% of the companies the HR Managers would discuss individual career planning, in 58% of the companies career development plans will not be discussed and only in 9% of the companies is there a structured plan for such activities in the future.

Aviation companies believe that the most important skills that they need to train their Managers in the next 20 years are:


       Problem-solving skills - 20 %

       Leadership skills - 20 %

       Project-management skills - 15 %

       Communication and presentation skills - 15 %

       Interpersonal skills - 10%

       Job-specific skills  - 5%

       Negotiating skills - 5 %

       Financial skills - 5 %

       IT skills - 5%


The basic salaries have never been the absolute motivation factor for the employees. That's why the aviation companies in many countries have developed remuneration packages that include a variety of advantages for the employees.  48% of the companies believe they have competitive packages, 42% are not happy about their packages, 10% are going to review the packages.

In 60% of the companies there is a performance related bonus, in 20% of the companies such a bonus system will be developed in the next years.

However 60% of the companies do not see their motivation system to be used in the next 20 years. Only 24 % of the companies believe they have established a motivation system that will meet the needs of the growing aviation business. 11% are unsure.  

In relation to that 47% of the companies have 360-degree feedback and in 18% is under development.

Most of the aviation companies' offer continuous learning opportunities by exchanging teams. For example 71% would offer rotation between the international offices and 73% will organise different teams to work on a project basis.

It is well known that in many countries the % of the old people is increasing in comparison with the % of the coming young generation. Therefore 75% of the companies answered that in the next 20 years the employees who are over 50 years of age will increase.

On the question whether female employees will increase in the next 20 years 86 % of the companies answered positively. The reason for this is because in more and more countries women now have equal employment opportunities. Beside this there is a trend of increasing part time employees (64% of the companies agreed that part time employees will increase) where many women are involved.

In order to improve the productivity of the HR department’ aviation companies will implement the following:


       Improving communication – 30%

       Train the HR employees in different HR techniques 25%

       Improving IT structures and automation of the processes 20%

       To outsource part of the HR department 15%

       Achieve more efficient organisational structures 10% %

Only 24% of the participants would use the social networks (Linkedin, Xing, Facebook) in order to search for Managers. Half of the companies will use the job boards just to publish their open positions. The other half will publish their jobs and use the platforms for indirect marketing and Employee Branding.

It seems that aviation companies are still very careful with investments in risky markets. Only 40% answered positive on this question.

Due to competition in the aviation industry at the moment 57% of the companies are on the opinion that they need to lay-of people in order to stay competitive.

Below are statements to which all participants of the survey totally agreed:

The % given below are the % of the companies that answered – "Agree"


-       The companies will work closely with the government and aviation institutions – 100%

-       Aviation companies will consolidate in order to save manpower cost and stay competitive in the market – 69%

-       Virtual interviews will replace most face-to-face meetings we have today – 50%

-       Our employees will find a better work-life balance – 62%

-       We will develop and promote our employees internally more than we do today – 100%

-       Employees will work more hours – 53%

-       Globalization will play a significant impact in the aviation industry – 100%

-       We are responsible to make our employees aware of environmental issues and provide training on environmental responsibilities of the aviation industry – 100%


Aviation companies see as challenges in the next 20 years the following:


-       Creating an employee-friendly, result-oriented HR organization – 95%

-       Develop modern intercultural- competent leaders – 95%

-       Find people with specific skills for the aviation industry – 100%

-       Keep the best people working for them – 95%

-       Maintain their corporate culture in order to attract  excellent employees – 95%

-       To find suitable people for their foreign offices. – 95%

-       Overcoming the cultural differences and unifying the procedures in their foreign offices – 95%

-       Manage their leaders and motivate them to work for the group instead of their own Ego and power – 100%



This survey was done not for commercial reasons and is prohibited to be sold.



Mariola Ziolkowski




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