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Press-release - 8th ORAT World Summit 2020
8th ORAT World Summit 2020
13 November 2020

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The COVID 19 Pandemic has led to airports having to operate under new normals. How will this change your ORAT process? Under current and post COVID 19 times, how can ORAT teams adjust in order to still deliver an operationally ready airport terminal effectively? 

Your new terminal is complete, and your team is excited! The latest self-service check-in and baggage handling systems are fascinating, and you are looking forward to them being in operations. All that remains is for your first passengers to walk through the doors. But will the airport opening day be a triumph or a tragedy?

Undertaking the development of a new airport or a major airport expansion will create numerous challenges for the airport owner, operator and its aviation partners, particularly now with COVID 19. All stakeholders need to collaborate to visualise and plan for how the airport’s operations will change, so that they are aligned to the new working environment and are prepared to perform from day one. This is where having a robust and effective ORAT Program to provide a standard and structured approach for managing multi-stakeholder, cross-functional projects, complex systems and programs will be hugely important to you and your airport development project. 

At the world's leading 8th ORAT World Summint, taking place this coming December 2020, this is where you will hear global case studies and best practices on how you can design, plan, implement, and coordinate your ORAT Program during and Post COVID 19 times, so that you can deliver a successful and world-class airport opening! 


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