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Aviation Trainings

Aviation English

This course is based on the requirements of the Manual on the Implementation of ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (Doc 9835) and ICAO Guidelines for Aviation English Training Programmes. ICAO English Level 4 is the minimum proficiency in the English language to be demonstrated for operational use as a pilot, ATC or aviation professional. Extended Level 5 demonstrates a marked accent or localised regional variety of English. They are always transparent and understandable, although only a proficient listener may have to pay close attention. The ICAO Expert Level 6 exceeds the demands of aeronautical radiotelephony communications and accounts for most first-language speakers with native or native-like proficiency and second- or foreign-language speakers with a high level of proficiency.

Windrose Training Academy provides:

  • Aviation English Language Assessment

Developed in partnership with a Language School, it will quickly determine your Aviation English proficiency level based on ICAO requirements and select the right training program for you if needed.

  • Aviation English Language Solution - Training

The training will help you to communicate effectively on the job.

Acquired knowledge, skills and competencies by the learner after completing the training course:

  • Standard aviation phraseology and plain language
  • Identify airport signs
  • Deal with emergency situations
  • Prepare and plan a flight in advance
  • Identify the effects of time
  • Acquire all four basic language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). Use grammatically correct English sentences to provide the knowledge necessary for meaningful conversation on aviation topics.
  • Recognise, name, use, and compare English tenses in Aviation English texts.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read, correctly pronounce and understand texts written in English related to aviation topics.
  • Acquire and practice essential aviation translations from English to Bulgarian and from Bulgarian to English.
  • You understand the text's main ideas, derive unfamiliar words from the context in which they can be found, and interpret the read text in English.
  • Write an English essay (1500 words) on the given aviation topic.
  • Actively participate in class discussions on aviation industry topics, react to mistakes made by other students, provide answers and accept the opinions of other students.
  • Reframe your thoughts and ideas.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of English terminology related to various aircraft parts, forces acting on the aircraft in flight, phases of flight, fundamentals of navigation and orientation.

The training is based on different training methods such as simulations, exercises, work with peers, individual work, case studies, etc., to develop a highly effective training procedure. Finally, the program concludes with reflections on what the participants have learned and an action plan to help them apply the insights they gained during the program.

Contact: [email protected]

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