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Aviation Trainings
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Communication skills - course for aviation managers and teams In this course, you will learn how to communicate more effectively and achieve your personal goals
Crosscultural differences. Strategies for personal confidence in the international environment Crosscultural competencies are among the top 10 competencies of the future
Dangerous goods regulation This course will guide you through all the aviation safety topics to support you in performing job tasks related to dangerous goods transportation by air in full compliance with the normative regulations
Emergency and rescue activities at the airport This course will guide you through the airport emergency planning process
Fatigue, stress and burnout management in the aviation industry This course creates awareness about mental health
Human factor in aviation for leaders This course is about understanding human behaviour in the workplace from a management perspective
Human factor in aviation This course is about understanding human behaviour in the workplace
Introduction to an airport This course is about understanding the complex interaction of the key players involved in the aviation industry (airports, airlines, air traffic control centres, CAA, ICAO, EASA, IATA, ACI and others) and their specific responsibilities and operating
Leadership for aviation managers This course is about developing influential leadership.
Marshalling and engineer start-up This course is about fixed aircraft marshalling and ramp hand signals based on the IATA Standards in the Airport Handling Manual and IATA Ground Handling Manual
Project management Project Management is essential to achieving organisational business goals
Safety Management System This course provides a comprehensive overview of aviation safety topics, including the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders, such as airport authorities, service providers, airlines, national and international agencies and other key players
Train the trainer This course is suitable for anyone who wants to become a trainer or instructor by developing their ability to design, develop and deliver effective and engaging courses
Certified International Aviation Law Analyst (CIALA) The Certified International Aviation Law Analyst (CIALA) course offers an in-depth understanding of the principles, regulations, and legal issues in the global aviation industry.
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