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Aviation Trainings

International business etiquette

This course is based on business, governmental and VIP protocol requirements. If you are developing a great customer experience for business, VIP lounges and meeting presidents and royalties, this is a must-know. Our trainer, with PhD in the field, has excellent knowledge and experience to share. This is your course if you want to be safe in cross-cultural challenges and provide a great experience to the most demanding clients.

Acquired knowledge, skills and competencies by the learner after completing the training course:

  • Acquiring communication skills in an international environment
  • Knowing and developing individual personal qualities and advantages
  • Knowledge of methods, techniques and ways to improve
  • Implementation of effective communication with colleagues and partners from a foreign country
  • Improving the culture of communication
  • Building intercultural competence
  • Knowing different cultures and applying an individual approach when communicating.
  • Creating and implementing strategies for personal confidence in an international environment
  • Learning and applying the principles and good practices in communication in a global environment

The training is based on different training methods such as simulations, exercises, work with peers, individual work, case studies, etc., to develop a highly effective training procedure. Finally, the program concludes with reflections on what the participants have learned and an action plan to help them apply the insights they gained during the program.

Contact: [email protected]

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