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Aviation Trainings

Airport Collaborative Decision Making: the Real Experiences of Airports -19-21 April 2017

Date: 19-21 April 2017 in Central London (Marble Arch)

Airport Collaborative Decision Making: The Real Experiences of Airports 2017 is 3 Day Premium Best Practice and Networking training for Airports, Airport Operators, Air Navigation Services, Ground Handling Providers and Civil Aviation Authorities to share timely and accurate information in order to facilitate more efficient decision making, better operations planning and improvement of air traffic management.

A-CDM aims to improve air traffic flow and capacity management at airports by reducing delays, improving punctuality optimizing the utilization of resources. As the name suggests, it is about the airport’s partners working together and making decisions based on more accurate and higher quality information.

The main A-CDM partners are:

  • The airport operator
  • Aircraft operators
  • Ground Handling Service & Operational pPersonnel
  • De-icing Companies
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Air Navigation Service Providers
  • Support Services (e.g. police, customs, immigration…)

GTI Aviation Training will share the airport A-CDM implementing experience in practice:

  • What are the real costs?
  • What are the real benefits?
  • How long does it take?
  • Handling the partner ‘politics’

Airport Collaborative Decision Making 2017 Programme

Day I: 19 April 2017 Technical Aspects: The Real Issues

Welcome Note, Introductions, Ice Breakers- Experiential Discussions

Session I: Introduction of Airport Airside Operations, Q&A

  • Operational Definitions
  • Case Studies

 Networking Coffee Break

Session II: Airport capacity, Q&A

  • Key Concepts
  • Main Drivers
  • Challenges
  • Case Studies

Networking Buffet Lunch

Session III: Capacity Assessment & Management, Q&A

  • Key concepts
  • Runway Capacity and Throughput
  • Capacity Assessment
  • Congestion/ Capacity problems
  • Case Studies

Networking Coffee Break

Session IV: Network Concept, Q&A

  • European Network
  • Network Manager
  • Case Studies

Session V: A-CDM Implementation Benefits, Q&A

Networking Welcome Drinks Reception (with London based airport guests & suppliers)

Day II: 20 April 2017 Implementation Case Studies

 Session I: A-CDM Introductions, Q&A

  • A-CDM Generic procedures; videos
  • Functional Requirements & Specifications
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Key performance indicators
  • Case Studies

Networking Coffee Break

Session II: A-CDM Implementation Case Studies, Q&A

  • The A-CDM project at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: lessons learned
  • Post A-CDM implementation: what next? A case study of Brussels Airport
  • Success Stories of AENA Airports and ENAV

Networking Buffet Lunch

Session III: Classroom Discussion on A-CDM Technology Support Systems: in-house development vs. Customer off-the-shelf solutions, Q&A

  • An exchange of thoughts/debate on solutions to share operational data with airport stakeholders. Should the focus be on investing time in developing a tailor made IT solution that meets airport-specific issues and particularities, or is a plug and play ‘A-CDM ready’ application preferred to advance in the project at a reasonable pace?

Session IV: Next Steps (A-TNR, SESAR, APOK, Future of Operations), Q&A

  • Implementation risks
  • Implementing CDM at airports
  • Implementing CDM in management practices
  • Airport Operations Plan & Integration
  • Total Airport Management (TAM)
  • Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) as the basis of CDM

Networking Coffee Break

Session V: Measures for Success: Cross-Stakeholder A-CDM Performance Management, Q&A

  • Sharing and collecting operational data on the 16 A-CDM Milestones
  • Measure operational performance of individual stakeholders
  • Assess the performance of your A-CDM procedures (data accuracy, completeness, timeliness and procedure adherence)

Day III: 21 April 2017 Practical A-CDM Experience

A-CDM practical tour

  • London Airport Operations Centre  Tour, Q&A
  • Presentation
  • Networking Lunch & Farewell Reception

Presentation of Certificates

Group Photos & Departure

For the most updated version of the programme, please send request to:ziolkowski@best-aviation-jobs.com

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