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Длъжност / наименование Фирма
System Administrator Salesforce IATA
B737 A320 A330 Captains - China Pilot4Pilots
QR16235 - Revenue Management Operations Research Specialist | Qatar Airways | Doha Qatar Airways
Manager, Business Solutions & Systems Development (Projects) IATA
***Customer Service Representative IATA
QR16194 - Recruitment Event in Tunis - Customer Services Agent | Qatar Airways | Doha Qatar Airways
Customer Service Representative IATA
Customer Service Representative IATA
Project Product Owner, New Front End IATA
Technical Director Zenon Recruitment
Accreditation Representative IATA
Customer Service Representative IATA
Intern, Training Center Geneva IATA
Intern, FDS Transformation,  Administration and Communications IATA
Intern, Training Center Geneva IATA
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